The precise year that the band was formed in Heathfield still remains uncertain.
Evidence though does suggest that the band began around or even before 1888 as a Fife and Drum not a brass band and with the addition of new instruments became Heathfield Brass Band, later the Heathfield Silver Band. ‘Silver was easier to clean’.
The founders of the band were a young Edward Bean, a very popular member of the well-known Heathfield family of carriers and Fred Adams a local blacksmith from Hailsham, the bandmaster of the original Fife and Drum band. Together they worked hard to create ‘Heathfields own band’. With support from Old Heathfield Parish Committee and subscriptions from local businesses and landowners together with donations from Leadenhall Market [London] Poultry dealers they transformed the Fife and Drum into a respected and popular Brass Band.

For a short period of 2-3 years around the turn of the century, the band was an important part of the Heathfield detachment of the 2nd Royal Sussex Volunteer Corp. Duties included annual camp at Lydd, where besides playing reveille and for parades they entertained the troops. But by 1901 this military commitment became difficult and he band withdrew and became a civilian band again.

The success of the band in the early 1920’s attracted a wider interest and a Committee of local businessmen were formed which put the band on a more organised footing. It is from 1928 that the band’s written records date. The early minutes and accounts books make extremely interesting reading.

In 1977 the band was granted Charitable Status (no. 273068) with the aim of actively promoting and teaching brass band instruments/music for the community.

In modern days, the band has kept up with the changing tastes of music whilst still performing popular band classics to those that love them. The band performs at many engagements each year to raise the funds needed to enable the band to continue its commitment to offer tuition to anyone wishing to learn, regardless of means or ability. The band is a very friendly and relaxed band with members between the ages of eight and their eighties!